Our core values haven't changed since day one

We’ve watched the online industry change dramatically over the last two decades of our business. We’ve seen the iPhone, all the social channels, responsive design, and Google make their appearance and change the online landscape, and we’ve helped our clients succeed despite the changes.


We Practice Active Compassion

Aristotle believes that companies have a powerful venue for improving their communities, and that’s very much a part of the company’s DNA. We support many nonprofits through monetary and in-kind services, but we’re also involved with advocacy groups, charities, art institutions, and education and economic development efforts in our city, state, and industry.

From testifying before the FCC regarding net neutrality to helping a young transplant patient get his dream vacation, we’re glad for every chance to build up our community.


We Value Excellence in Craftsmanship

The philosopher Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” This has been a defining principle in our work. Our goal has always been to achieve the goals of our clients, whether in tourism, healthcare, finance, retail, or other industries. In testament to our work, we’ve won literally hundreds of awards, and all because we put our clients first.


We Act with Integrity and Responsibility

When Aristotle first launched, and we discovered that other ISPs were distributing unlicensed NetScape browsing software, we decided we didn’t want to go that route. Instead, we delayed our company’s launch to develop WebSage, our own browser/email client.

Since then, every decision at Aristotle has been defined by doing the right thing and keeping our word.  


We Place Innovation and Creativity at the Center of Our Work

Aristotle’s founders first worked with each other in the videogame industry, and they took web design to another level by applying their experience of games to websites. People were still trying to figure out how to build websites and use the Internet, and Aristotle’s groundbreaking work was featured on USA Today, at Disneyland,  and in internationally published web design books. We were also the first to do online conversion surveys and the first to hold a website focus group. Our award-winning creative and development work has and always will be centered around making the experience of the Internet an amazing one.

Today, we’re exploring beacon technology and developing new ways to put the physical web to use for our clients. This is just one of the many new developments Aristotle has been on the forefront of through our years in business -- from the mobile revolution to the advent of responsive design. Whatever’s coming next, you can be sure Aristotle will be in the thick of it -- and loving every minute.


We Believe in the Power of Synergy and Collaboration

At the core of our success is the teamwork and dedication of the Aristotelians who have worked here over the years. We give our team members the responsibility to become experts at the things they love to do, and to share those ideas with everyone. We constantly look at how we can improve the process to share those ideas, leverage that knowledge, and create great results for our company and our clients.

From programmers to producers, artists to admins, and everyone in between, we’re so proud of the talented people we’ve worked with -- many of whom have been with us since the very beginning.